Char Kraom Community Project

Project Site Address: Char Kraom Village,Prasath Communce,Preash Neath Preash District,Banteay Meanchey Province, Cambodia

Project Goal: The project is to build 6 Classrooms, 1 kindergarten, 1 library and 1 director room, as it is the new school to replace from old classroom located inside pagoda area to avoid the crowd and improve standard classroom with healthy environment to 155 students at Char Kroam Primary School.

Master plan

គំរោង ២០១៩/ Master Plan for School for 2019
Estimated Cost
6 USD 9,000 USD 54,000 3 classrooms completed, 3 classrooms on going Updated on Jan 2019
1 USD 9,000 USD 9,000 On going Jan 2019
1 Completed
Director Room
1 USD 9,000 USD 9,000 Under plan
Under plan
Under plan
Under plan
Shop Store
Under plan

Project and School Overview:

Char Kraom Community based – Eco Tourism Development Project is a local initiative group which was established in August 2016. We aim to improve the quality of education and reduce community poverty by partnering with other stakeholders, specialty agents and clients who have a heart to improve other people’s lives. According to our needs analysis which was done recently, these are the most pressing needs for the community and the project designs that we must stay focussed on working together to improve:

  1. Char Kraom primary school building project
  2. Water sanitation project (building toilet block) at the primary school
  3. Building houses for poor familes in the community
  4. Developing the school facilities
  5. Women’s Empowerment Project (Community restaurant)

Project Background

Char Kraom is a community of 7 villages located in Kralanh District, Siem Reap province. Approximately 60 west of Siem Reap town, Kralanh district is a pristine area of captivating scenery that includes the Kralanh river which meanders through lush green landscapes and is lined with traditional village houses. The landscape of rice fields is fed by the vast Tonle Sap Lake which ensures a constant water supply for the local environment and its inhabitants.

Even though the area is so pleasant and full of great beauty with rich cultural heritage, Kralanh district’s economy is mainly based on farming and fishing, and has some construction workers. Unfortunately, this district is classified as one of the most disadvantaged areas in Siem Reap province due to poverty and to the rapidly growing population. As a result there are many shortages of basic needs which is so common with high incidences of poverty. In this area, the average family income is approximately USD $15 to $80 per month only.

What you might be doing

There are lots of things to see and do.

To do List Activity Other
Construction (School site)
  • Construction building
  • Painting Wall/ Chair/ Table and other
  • Vegetable farm
Students (School site)
  • Teaching to student
  • Playing game
  • Plant vegetable farm or Garden
  • Hygiene ( cut nail, hair washing, clean hand)
  • Exercise
  • Walk around to explore the daily living
  • Take ride to other village ( 2 hour time)
  • Monk blessing
  • Cooking class with village

Project Logistic

Your project host, Kim Bunthann is available to discuss project details, as well as organizational details and logistics. His experiences, knowledge and skills with community development projects will be a great input to your planning process before departing your home country. Kim Bunthann can address all your concerns in order to ensure your team is well informed and can come to Cambodia confidently.

Mr. Kim Bunthann Director/ Project Host Tel: +855 (0) 12 652 111
Mr. Sarath Chhean In-Country Agent (Siem Reap) Tel: +855 (0) 97 9 666 906
Project Site Address Char Kraom Village, Kralanh district, Siem Reap province.
Directions From Siem Reap, the public bus follows the National Route 6 heading west toward Kralanh. After about 60Km get off the bus at Tapon bridge, then transfer by local taxi to community another 15km down south along Kralanh river.

Latest Pictures made on Jan 2019

Grade: 1-6, Teacher:6, Student: 155

Step by step planning guide:

Section 1: School site

Section 2: Responsible Village (sustainable income)

1- Short- term project
Building houses for poor families in the community Prepare the hygiene and prepare easy living style, as set up the kitchen, garden, growth organic vegetable for own family etc. Every house with set of , Toilet, Pure water system , dustbin

2- Long- term project
Women’s Empowerment Project
BIt is about the project to discuss with Ngo, for recycle of plastic and making the gift and sales with be.

Mission: Gift

  • to find the support community and trainer
  • Appointed with villagers to be leader
  • Find the material and place
  • Assist Sales and Marketing
  • Benefit

Mission: Community Tailor

  • to find the support community and trainer
  • Appointed with villagers to be leader
  • Find the material and place
  • Assist Sales and Marketing
  • Benefit

Community restaurant

  • To find the support community and trainer
  • Appointed with villagers to be leader
  • Find the material and place
  • Assist Sales and Marketing
  • Benefit

Home stay

  • Appointed with villagers house and make it standardize to offer home stay
  • Support for the organization and set up
  • Train of standard service
  • Build enough Toilet
  • Standard garden
  • Standard water

Section 3: Environment

  • Plastic free program, with calendar to clean around the village Create the event to inspire villagers, with education, health care program etc
  • Plant the Char trees along the rivers, and every villager’s house.

Section 4: Community

To find out the potential activity for all villagers to attend the same purpose, such as farm, rice field, pet, etc
To create the tour activity within the villages, to attract local and foreigner to drop by and visit for their experiences with daily life.

  • Taste of local food experience
  • Villager House attraction
  • Local restaurant along the river
  • Other activity

Section 1: School site

1- Library program
To complete the library with provide all students able to read, play and making the fulfil of books, stationery and play.
  • Wall painting: All walls inside and outside of library with concept of painting such as
    1. Storytelling of single kid, teacher
    2. Inspiration of dream: Create dream of who you want to become in further?
    3. The letter & Number of Khmer and English
    4. Animals, birds, fish pictures
    5. Stationary , transportation, school, pagoda, bridge, hospital, temple, trees, flowers etc
  • Books shelf: 7 shelfs require in advance
    All books store from kindergarten, grade 1 to grade 6 , all kinds of booked related
  • Chairs and table:
    01 long table for team building, 5 small tables, 20 little chairs
  • Light and Fan: to install light and support fan
  • Other: Other stuff for students to play and watched
2- There are 7 classrooms at Char Primary school:

  1. Kindergarten class
  2. classroom from Grade 1 to 6
    Every classroom with painting on the wall, and concept of painting is start from the single classroom and take picture from the study book to guide all students to remember with courage and inspiration purpose.

In other to make the beautiful classroom with prepare of some artworks which make from teacher and student to display in their class, to set up with light and fan. Set up the shelf to place the shoes for students and teachers in order, and the standby big bottle of water with hygiene and the extra self to keep students bag.

  • 02 fan in each classroom
  • 2 lights in each classroom and 1 light in front door of class.
3- Director Room
There is for teacher office and the set up require:
  • 01 long table
  • 15 Chairs
  • 6 tables with lockers
  • At least 2 closets for private and confidential document
  • 2 lights in each classroom and 1 light in front door of class.
  • Storage of document and books
  • At least 3 computer for teacher to use
  • 01 Printer/ 1 Copy machine
4- Teacher Program
What can we do for teacher?
  • Uniform:
    • To provide the uniform to teachers , with 4 sets per year ( Estimate cost 25usd per set)
    • Shoes, 2 pairs per year ( estimate cost USD20.00 per pairs)
    • 1 Bag per year ( estimate cost 20usd per bag)
  • Exchange program with other school and training cost: (Cost: TBA)
    • To provide improve and up-to date knowledge to teachers , by providing travelling to other school for exchange program, short- course training with necessary, and provide the budget for extra study to teachers ( English class available, and upon request), as teacher still have limit of English knowledge, or to continue their study at other course or university in need.
  • Teacher health care/ Insurance: Cost TBA
    To provide for health care and insurance.
  • Extra benefit: Outstanding teacher with encourage package (TBA)
5- Student program
  • Uniform
    • To make an uniform concept to students: Design to be advised
    • 04 sets ( Deliver twice per year) : Cost to be advised
    • Shoes: 2 sets
    • Bag: 2 per years ( deliver twice per year)
    • Sport cloth and Shoes: 2 sets per
    • Stationary: 2 sets per year ( books, pen, pencil, ruler, etc)
    • Hygiene program: once per week, for cut nail, broth teeth, hand washing etc
    • Healthcare: Eyes treatment, health treatment in necessary send to Children Hospital, to provide the follow up and keep contact with teacher for urgent need.
    • Travelling: Provide 01 days trip to travelling to Siem Reap tour
    • Transportation: Check list to provide the bike for student as available with check of family situation and special case.
    • To provide the extra Foreign teacher with schedule available
To growth the beautiful garden. Budget: TBA
7-Play ground & Exercise
To give the space with more available play ground to student and Exercise space.
Land: 5m x 10m, with more activity Budget: TBA
9- Vegetable Farm
10- Special class (Music, English, etc.)

To build the conference room with 8m x 15m and the mission is to challenge with all the recycle plastic with students and the villagers in community.

  • Mission: Exchange all plastic and insert to bottle, to complete the wall, garden decoration.
  • How to do it?? TBA
  • Appointed with Teacher and selection of class program, such as Volunteer teachers , etc